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Real Estate Inspections

During real-estate transactions of existing home sales, mortgage companies require a septic certification of the existing septic system.  In the event that the system fails the certification, a new system must be installed prior to settlement. In most cases, this responsibility is placed in the hands of the home seller along with the help from the seller’s Real Estate Agent.   

Typically, if the septic system fails a certification, we are contacted by either the seller or seller’s agent. The septic report is faxed or e-mailed to us and we schedule a site visit to determine what options the seller has. There is no fee for the initial consultation with the seller. During this time we will explain the process of soil and percolation testing and fees involved to acquire a permit for a new installation.

Information on Soil and Percolation Testing.

Septic System Certification

C. M. Kristman Excavating and Septic Services, Inc. also certified to perform septic inspections. An inspection typically consists of a visit to the property where we’ll meet with the homeowners. We will conduct an inspection of the septic tank(s), the pump (if applicable) and pump tank, the sewer line, and seepage field. During an inspection of the septic field, the inspector uses a "T" shaped metal probe to measure the level of standing effluent, if any, in the field.  The tanks and other components of the system are inspected, as well. All inspections are performed by a PSMA Certified Inspector and based on PSMA regulations. A report will be created and given to the seller upon completion of the inspection.

The fee for a septic inspection is $350.
C. M. Kristman Excavating and Septic Services also provides Septic System Repair Services.


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